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Our goal is to not only develop excellent

riders, but also knowledgeable horse men

and women. We  provide hands on

horsemanship skills and riding lessons.

Students will learn overall horse care,

stable management AND riding. Perfect

for the horse enthusiast that just can't

get enough!

We offer everything from beginner to advance riding lessons. We start riders as young as 4 years old. Our instructors specialize in hunter seat, dressage, jumpers and beginner western disciplines.  Please use our book online to schedule.


                                                                      $45- One hour private lesson 

                                                                                $40- One hour semi-private lesson (2 riders)

                                                                       $35- One hour group lesson   

                                                                     $25- Half hour lead line lesson

                                                                      Group and Semi-private lesson must

                                                                    be approved by the instructor.

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